What is a promotion?

Promotion (promo)

Promotion (promo) is a marketing activity aimed at influencing recipients and the decisions they make. It consists in spreading information about the company and its products or services, building brand awareness and creating a positive image.

The basis of promotion is to conduct a dialogue with customers. The objectives of the actions taken can be of the following nature:

  • economic – an increase in sales and profits recorded by the company, an increase in market share,

  • social – building lasting relations with customers and a positive image, gaining loyalty.

What are the functions of promotion?

There are four basic functions of promotion::

  • informational – creating and communicating information about the company, products, but also the benefits of choosing an offer,

  • educational – learning new methods of satisfying customer needs, building relationships,

  • persuasive – attracting attention, inducing to purchase, reminding about the company, its novelties and other actions,

  • competitive – standing out from the competition, gaining advantage.


Is promotion important?

Without proper promotion it is difficult to reach customers with offered solutions. This also applies to such actions as a loyalty program.
Promotion is used to facilitate the purchase and finalize the sale.

It evokes the desired behaviors and attitudes of consumers and at the same time makes it easier to maintain an ongoing relationship with them.


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