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About loyalty programs

Traditional loyalty programs based on cards and coupons do not allow the use of 21st century technologies, including cell phones, which customers always have with them. This leads to handing out cards that are easy to lose and can carry dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Physical loyalty cards have limited impact on building an engaged community. Additionally, through their limited functionality, customers quickly lose interest. A program can be effective in the beginning and then quickly lose momentum. E.g. through notorious loss of cards and coupons.

Most importantly, they struggle to convey emotion and build a positive digital ecosystem around the business, which in times of pandemic should be especially well thought out and built to retain customers.


Why us?

  • Simple, nice and intuitive interface that your customers will love to use

  • Enhanced customer communication module; automation and profiled messages

  • Easy handling of loyalty programs

  • Expandable with specific functions for broader cooperation


We are a team with a wealth of experience that we want to share with you!

We create Rewardo because we want to promote better customer service and friendly marketing, through modern applications, giving customers what they deserve. 

We are characterized by:

  • Professional and multidisciplinary team
  • We advise and help, we will not leave you alone
  • We implement the latest trends in customer service and loyalty
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Sebastian Kasza
Managing director

Over five years of experience in an international environment as a business development and sales person. Full of passion for what he does and creative ideas. Privately a father of Nela and passionate cyclist.

Wojciech Maj

Over ten years of experience as a developer. Always motivated with a sharp mind.

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Justyna Gryglewicz
Chief Designer

Over ten years of experience in UX/UI design. For many years an experienced Visual Designer in an international corporation. After hours a painter and photographer.

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