Dedicated loyalty app for your company

Personalized mobile application is a modern way to promote your business and marketing. Create your own loyalty programs, customer cards or simply applications to collect points. We create and design mobile applications for the client.

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Benefits of a Bespoke App for your business

  • You invest in your brand and customer loyalty

    Attract new customers and retain existing ones, building their loyalty to your business

  • You will increase your sales

    With well-run loyalty programs and loyal customers, increase sales of your products

  • Features tailored to your business

    Design own functions that work with your business processes

  • POS integration

    Integration with your POS to perform shopping cart and customer behavior analysis capabilities based on data

What are the numbers?

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regular customers spend more
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customers collect points
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customers expect an individual approach

We will tailor the application to you

Take full advantage with a dedicated application

  • Custom layout, designed by us
  • Personalized application functions
  • Additional functions according to your needs, meeting your business processes
  • Professional marketing consulting
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Expanded panel for business

A powerful panel for business that you can open on any device if you don’t have POS integration. 

Analyze statistics

Create and manage promotions Print QR codes

Send PUSH notifications

Have full control over your employees

And more!

How we cooperate?

Technical and Programmer Analysis

We meet online and talk to establish a mutual expectations and a plan ensuring a sound and reliable solution.

Customer Experience Design

We take into account a customer’s journey and create a tailored user experience that provides customers with a simplified and personalized experience

Integration and Testing

We integrate the application into your existing systems, as well as ensure that it is functioning properly through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes


Launch day! You get more loyal customers and increase your sales!

Why Us?

We analyze your business processes to better align your loyalty program support with your business
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We create an individual design of an application for a company, taking into account current trends
We will implement the project and train employees, additionally we will monitor the effectiveness of the implemented program
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Use the app to gain dedicated customers
and increase profits in your business.

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    Why to get a demo?

    • A 30-minute online demo with a presentation of the system to the business and the client’s application
    • Consultation on how to use the application in your business to increase profits
    • Pricing of the dedicated application after the presentation

    What is a loyalty application?

    Loyalty application

    A loyalty application is software that allows you to create positive relationships with your customers. It is also an opportunity to increase sales of products or interest in the services offered – depending on the industry.
    With a loyalty app, you can reduce the costs associated with promotion and marketing, while remaining highly effective.
    It is a very good alternative to loyalty programs with paper and plastic cards. The app is more convenient to use and available at your fingertips at all times. Make sure it guarantees easy use and is visually appealing.

    Why do customers like loyalty apps?

    Available on a smartphone or tablet, a loyalty app provides quick registration. It keeps all the important data, including the points collected, in one place.
    Access to a rewards catalog, a special offer for app users and a list of transactions are also significant. Usually, through the software, you can freely share reviews and check what the company is offering.
    Loyalty apps are the answer to the growing needs of customers.

    Benefits for companies

    Companies are increasingly opting for loyalty apps because of:

    • increased sales,
    • better understanding of purchasing behavior,
    • efficient communication with customers,
    • strengthening loyalty,
    • optimization of promotional activities.

    A dedicated loyalty app

    Investing in a dedicated loyalty application is a great way to reward and engage your customers. It allows you to reward loyal customers with discounts, exclusive offers, and special promos, encouraging further loyalty and brand loyalty. With a dedicated loyalty application, you can track engagement and performance, gaining insights into customer behavior and preferences. This makes it easier to craft more effective marketing campaigns that appeal to customers and drive sales. 

    A tailored loyalty program provides customers with a more personalized and rewarding shopping experience, keeping them coming back to your store. In the end, investing in a dedicated loyalty application is a great way to maximize customer loyalty and build long-term relationships with your customers.

    In conclusion. What are the top 5 benefits of having your own loyalty app?

    1. Increased Customer Retention: With a dedicated loyalty application, you can reward returning customers and offer exclusive discounts, helping to keep customers engaged and coming back to your store.

    2. Insightful Customer Data: The application’s insights can help you understand customer behavior, preferences, and engagement, enabling you to craft more effective marketing campaigns.

    3. Improved Brand Recognition: Personalized loyalty rewards and exclusive discounts can help to increase customer loyalty and strengthen your brand recognition.

    4. Increased Sales: A tailored loyalty program provides customers with a more rewarding shopping experience that can help to drive sales.

    5. Easy to Operate: A dedicated loyalty application makes it easy to track and manage loyalty programs, simplifying the process for both you and your customers.