Create your own loyalty program with loyalty app

Loyalty app for your loyalty company program. Create business loyalty card to collect points or stamps. Attract new customers and increase sales with effective promotions.

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How does loyalty app work?


Mobile App For Your Customer

Your customers download the free Rewardo app. Once registered, they can immediately join your company’s loyalty program.

  • free app
  • your own company profile with logo
  • ongoing updates and security

Digital Points And Stamps

You decide how many points you need to collect to claim your reward. In the business customer panel, you set the rules of the promotion or loyalty program and fully control its progress.

  • select points or stamps
  • set the rules for their allocation
  • control the course of the promotion
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Coupons And Vouchers

Use nice and interactive coupons and vouchers. Set up out-of-the-box promotions to motivate customers during lower traffic hours. 

  • powerful configuration tool
  • vouchers for prizes or points
  • additional QR codes for points

Communicate your offerings

Show your customers what services or products e.g. ice cream flavors you currently have available at the point. Change their availability with one click. Reward your best customers and send messages communicating with your customers. Include links to sites, additional points or surveys.
  • constant message reach
  • PUSH notifications and messages
  • check which products are most popular
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Start with a single point and scale to an entire chain of stores

The application is designed for a single point, small or large chain. Analyze marketing activities per point and optimize your sales.

  • Create accounts for employees or branches
  • set a different offer depending on the branch
  • be visible on the map
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Analyze statistics and appreciate the best customers

Analyze trends, deviations and how your program is doing in a given month or time. Track statistics on users, transactionals, rewards and more. See that there are customers who stand out? Reward them with additional rewards to keep them coming back more often, use whisper marketing to your advantage.

We do bespoke integrations with external POS and ERP systems

Benefits to your business

  • Acquire Customers

    Attract new customers and retain existing ones by building user engagement to your company

  • Increase Sells

    With well executed loyalty programs, you will increase sales of your products

  • Ready-made solution at hand

    Do not wonder what you can do to make your offer more attractive. New options are added on a regular basis, so you will always positively surprise your customers with novelties.

  • Increase visibility

    Increase brand visibility and recognition through ongoing programs and communication of offerings to customers

  • Receive Data

    Expand your databases so you know more about your customers, what they want and are looking for

  • Substantive support

    You will get substantive support from Rewardo specialists. Don't know what promotion will work best? We will give you a hint!


Rewardo is an awesome app that allows many of my clients to enjoy promotions without losing their points cards.
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I finally have the opportunity to show the available ice cream flavors to my customers. The Rewardo team listens to the needs of the market.
Ice cream shop owner

Try it out for free today!

Who Is It For?

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Do you prefer a dedicated application?

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Check out our offer for your own application, it will positively surprise you!

Before you choose a loyalty program for your company

What is a loyalty program and why should you have one in your company?

A loyalty program is a major tool for managing a company’s customer relationships, with the goal of providing mutual benefits. The reasons for introducing loyalty programs are the company’s efforts to retain its current customer base or differentiate the brand from the offerings of competitors. It also stands out as an opportunity to hinder another brand’s entry or expansion into the market, or to get ahead of the competition and gain loyal customers first before others. Modern technology contributes to the creation of more attractive loyalty programs and the creation of a personalized contact, making it possible to increase customer loyalty, in a more precise way than was possible before. Another contributing factor is the existence of undivided loyalty customers who, enrolled in a loyalty program, buy only one brand.

What are the expectations of customers?

Most often, customers expect financial or aspirational value from loyalty programs. Among the former, we can include discounts, rebates, percentage discounts, or gratuities in kind. The latter include rewards in the form of trips to exotic or unusual destinations and gifts in the form of vouchers for unique experiences. The criteria for loyalty programs should be possible to meet. The ideal loyalty program will combine financial rewards with a unique experience or emotional benefit. This combination allows building effective communication and stronger customer commitment to the company’s brand.

What is a mobile loyalty system?

Mobile loyalty system, as the name suggests, is designed for mobile devices. These are primarily smartphones and tablets. After installing the software on their hardware, users collect points and redeem them for rewards. There is no need to use a regular paper or plastic card, which can get lost or damaged. The digitality of the solution allows the collection of much more information than in the case of classic loyalty programs.

What are the advantages of a mobile loyalty system?

The mobile loyalty system:

  • is available anywhere and anytime,
  • provides a personalized, customized offer,
  • allows you to check the number of points collected,
  • enables quick and efficient contact.

A modern way to gain loyalty

The mobile loyalty system provides mutual benefits. For customers, it is a very convenient form of collecting points and exchanging them for prizes or discounts. For companies, it’s a way to effectively promote themselves, reach their audience and keep them with them for longer. Through a mobile loyalty system you can successfully:

  • increase sales and profits,
  • create a positive image,
  • strengthen customer loyalty, make it easier for customers to become attached to the brand,
  • take care of individual contact,
  • reduce the cost of maintaining the loyalty program,
  • better understand customers, their requirements and needs,
  • increase audience engagement.
Such a solution also allows you to be constantly present with your customers. A mobile loyalty system means unrestricted access to the user’s account in any way.

Rewardo is a loyalty application for your business that allows you to easily create promotions and communicate your offer to customers.  Effectively create any loyalty programs, messages or coupons and attract new customers.

The simple and nice interface will encourage your customers to use the application, and the multitude of features of the business panel will allow you to effectively attract and retain new customers, increasing your company’s profits and reputation.

See a Demo

    Why to get a demo?

    • A 30-minute online demo with a presentation of the system to the business and the client’s application
    • Consultation on how to use the application in your business to increase profits
    • Pricing of the dedicated application after the presentation