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Rewardo is a platform that allows you to create your own loyalty programs and promotions tailored to your business.

Yes, Rewardo allows you to configure your promotions and loyalty programs as you wish. You decide whether you want to add 100 or 1 point per visit or per offered item.

No, Rewardo allows you to create your own promotions and loyalty programs. You decide how your promotion should look like and what the customer gets for it.

Rewardo is an app for micro, small and large businesses, if you have 1 or 10 outlets, that’s great! You will create a customized offer for your style. 

You can use the application to create loyalty programs, promotions, or to show your offer, such as ice cream flavors. Communicate news and current products at a given point.

Yes, our consultant will help you with setting up the application and choosing the right type of promotion if needed.

No, unfortunately Rewardo does not support online sales and is not a competitor to Uber.

At this time, we have no such plans. You can send messages to your own users. The collected users are only yours and you can inform them about news or offers.

Having your own dedicated app is a great benefit to your business, but also a big commitment of capital and marketing, in order to promote the app.

By choosing a Rewardo account, you can limit the cost, and enjoy the functionalities as in your own app. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to support your brand with a dedicated app, Rewardo will create your own app based on the best marketing platform that is Rewardo. 

Yes, for a small fee Rewardo provides proprietary scanners that can be easily used with the system.

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