What is a points program?

Points program

A points program boils down to awarding points for purchasing products or using services. In return, customers receive rewards. Usually these are specific items, attractive discounts or vouchers. In this regard, much depends on the industry.

Through a points program, you can gain customer loyalty and encourage them to stay with your company. The vision of receiving rewards works motivating and encouraging, especially when the conditions of participation are clear and the whole system is error-free.

What should the points programme be like?

In addition to clear terms and conditions of participation, it is important to have a well-thought-out reward system. The points programme may be more or less developed, and thus provide for rewards for various forms of activity.

It is necessary to examine customers’ needs and base activities on them in order to obtain the expected results. This is conducive to building loyalty, as well as competitive advantage, e.g. in a café.

The points program allows you to attract new customers, and in time to convert them into regular customers. It is also a tool used to create a positive image, create additional communication channels and promote the offer.

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