How do you build consumer loyalty?

lojalnosc konsumencka

Returning customers are the most valuable. If you build a broad base of customers who use your company’s services on a regular basis, business just has to go. Brand loyalty does not come out of thin air. Building it is a complex process, dependent on many concurrent factors. Here are some invaluable tips that will allow you to take care of your customers and, as a result, enjoy dynamic business growth and increasing profits.

Stay in constant contact

Building lasting, good relationships won’t be possible if you don’t ensure regular communication with your customers. Try to make your company’s brand a permanent presence in their lives. Use your newsletter and official social media channels to inform them about new products, promotions and changes that are taking place in the company. Be active, but not pushy. Don’t send emails and text messages every day. Instead, plan two – three well-considered communications per month. Don’t lump everyone together. Divide your contact base by interests so you can deliver personalized content to individual customers that will be of interest to them. If you have the right data with permission to use it in marketing communications, address your audience by name. They will certainly be pleasantly surprised when on the occasion of their birthday you wish them well and give them a gift certificate as a thank you for their loyalty. Such actions will make the customer feel important and appreciated, and this will increase the likelihood that your company’s brand will become their first choice for a long time.

Reward the most loyal

Don’t hesitate to give discounts and rewards to customers who buy the most and most often. This is an investment in the future of your company. By creating a system of benefits for the most loyal, you will not only convince them to stick around your brand, but also encourage other users to strive for this status. What kind of gifts can these be? If you run a car wash offer the tenth wash free, and if you’re a dentist grant free stone removal after the fifth commercial visit. It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in. Whether you’re a restaurateur, a hairdresser or a tattoo parlor owner, you’re sure to find a way to reward your most loyal customers. Customers will appreciate it, this way you will gain their gratitude and trust.

Ensure the highest quality of service

If you think that customers have a short memory then you are sorely mistaken. If you run a restaurant, you can offer excellent food, but don’t count on business success if you don’t treat your guests with due attentiveness and respect. Customers remember very well who took good care of them and can be grateful. In addition to the fact that they will come back again, they will tell their friends about their experience, which, even in the short term, is likely to positively affect your company’s bottom line.

Show customers that you count with their opinion

Customer feedback usually goes hand in hand with customer loyalty. High ratings and positive reviews not only engage existing customers, but also convince new ones. People like to be asked for their opinions, so encourage your customers to share their shopping experiences with you. It’s very important to draw constructive conclusions based on them to optimize your business. After performing a service or selling a product, contact the buyer to ask about their satisfaction. You can use a personalized email or a push message in a loyalty app for this. Listen carefully to your customers’ needs, and don’t immediately treat any negative comments as a direct attack on your business. Feedback from customers (even the not-so-favorable ones) is an excellent piece of analysis that will suggest to a talented entrepreneur what to do better to make more money. 

Mobilna aplikacja lojalnosciowa

Take advantage of new technologies

The whole world is moving forward at tremendous speed, and we are seeing this in business as well. This is due, among other things, to widespread digitalization, which simplifies previously complex processes and shortens the distance between sellers and their customers. It is worth taking advantage of new technologies if only to motivate customers to make repeat purchases from your company. This is possible thanks to mobile loyalty programs such as Rewardo, which are an extremely effective channel for communicating with customers. Imagine that for just a few tens of zlotys a month you can have your company’s application on hundreds or even thousands of potential customers’ smartphones. With its help you will be able to inform about the latest promotions and seasonal discounts, encourage participation in contests and collect loyalty points. Isn’t it a tempting prospect? Don’t be afraid of technology. It can be your greatest ally in the process of building a group of loyal customers.

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