Challenge your customers. Gamification as a way to get the undecided.

grywalizacja w biznesie 1

Nowadays, buyers have a right to be bored. They are attacked from almost every side by colorful banners, advertising slogans and newsletters prepared by communication experts. The overabundance of promotional forms and content is having less and less effect on consumers. The huge selection of products and services of similar quality does not make things easier for entrepreneurs. To convince customers of your offer today you need to activate the deepest layers of creativity – act on imagination, motivate or even encourage competition.

Emotions count in business

People love to compete with each other. To keep their interest for a long time, your proposal must be out of the box and based on emotions. These can be provided by gamification (gamification), which is the use of mechanisms known from computer games to increase engagement and consumer loyalty. How does it work? It’s simple. Invite your customers to play! Establish the rules of the game and specific rewards that those taking part can receive for completing certain tasks and goals. Encourage your audience to compete with each other by creating a ranking for “most loyal fan” or “customer of the month”. For this, you can use, among other things, the Rewardo mobile loyalty app, which has a number of features that make it easier to interact with customers. One of them is the so-called “Challenges”, which allow you to launch a simple virtual ranking of the audience using your company’s services in just a few clicks. It’s simpler than you might think. Using the mechanisms of gamification, you have a chance to convince your target audience to build a long-term and committed relationship with your brand.


Gamification not only for the young

We associate computer games mainly with the “C” generation, i.e. the so-called “always-connected” teenagers. However, this does not mean that by using gamification you will reach only the youngest customers. Nothing could be further from the truth! Game mechanisms have been known and used by mankind for thousands of years, so the rules themselves are not something incomprehensible to people who have reached a particular age threshold. In this case, new technologies (including mobile apps) are just one of the available tools you can choose. Interestingly, it is widely recognized today that the most lucrative segment of players in the world is currently becoming the age housewives (40+) with a tablet or smartphone, and a credit card.

Technology at an affordable price

It might seem that gamification is reserved exclusively for large companies and multinational corporations that can afford to buy expensive and complex IT systems and hire a staff of marketing professionals. However, this is just a stereotype that has little to do with the truth. Thanks to the advent of easily accessible mobile technologies and loyalty applications equipped with gamification elements, launching uncomplicated mechanisms known from computer games (e.g. challenges, virtual rankings) has become easier than ever. Tools such as Rewardo will enable you to enjoy the benefits of gamification even if you have a small, one-person business. It also doesn’t matter what industry you run your business in. This inexpensive technology will work as well in a large retail chain as in a neighborhood bakery, an intimate beauty salon or a food-track.