What is a B2C loyalty program?

B2C loyalty program

A B2C loyalty program is otherwise known as a consumer program. It is addressed to people who will be the ultimate consumers of the offered products or services.

Such a solution is one of the most frequently used tools of marketing campaigns. A B2C loyalty program consists of rewarding customers for achieving a goal set by a brand. This may be shopping or choosing a particular service.

Companies use B2C loyalty program for many reasons. These are mainly:

  • increased sales,

  • staying ahead of the competition,

  • attracting new customers,

  • lower marketing costs,

  • getting to know your customers’ needs.

Does a B2C loyalty program make sense?

A properly designed B2C loyalty program benefits both parties. The company learns its customers’ buying preferences and can better tailor its offer to them. By gaining their loyalty, retaining them becomes easier. This increases the chance to build a competitive advantage.

Thanks to B2C loyalty programs, customers establish a closer relationship with the brand and feel that they receive an offer tailored to their needs. Thus, they don’t waste valuable time interacting with a company that doesn’t care about them.

Loyalty programs addressed directly to consumers make it possible to gain many benefits in return for choosing the offer of a particular brand. These are not only free products or interesting prizes, but also attractive discounts.
It is important to remember about two-way direction of actions and realistic criteria of participation.

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