How to promote a loyalty program to get more people to sign up?

jak promowac program lojalnosciowy

Creating a loyalty program is an important step, but the work doesn’t end there. It also needs to be promoted in the right way. The more people hear about it, the better – this gives you a chance to increase the number of enrolled participants. How to do it? How to promote a loyalty program?

Why is it necessary to promote a loyalty program?

Without proper advertising, even the best idea can be ineffective. This applies to almost everything – products, services, events, etc. If something is not promoted, not many people learn about it. Thus, you have nothing to count on that the loyalty program you created will be popular. It does not matter here how much time, nerves and money it cost you.

Using the right promotional tools is essential, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be very cumbersome. The Internet is a great convenience and it is worth taking advantage of its potential. With well-conducted marketing efforts, even a relatively inexpensive program will be effective and gain many participants.

Well thought out launch

The launch of a loyalty program should be carefully crafted. Let it be a high-profile event to gain confidence that it will not be overlooked by anyone. How to organize all this? It is not that difficult at all.

One of the best ways is to use the company’s social media. A few or a dozen days before the planned launch, it is worth starting the official countdown and building suspense. This will get customers curious and make them want to check out your new loyalty program as soon as possible. If you have a stationary business, use the following ideas:

  • distribute flyers,
  • use special stumblers or stickers,
  • ask employees to inform customers about the new initiative and encourage them to try it out.

In addition, remember to put relevant information on your website. Make use of e-mail marketing, too.

Feedback from satisfied users

When there are customers who are the first to receive rewards in your loyalty program, let them brag about it. Such social proof will show others that this is a worthy campaign. Previously unconvinced people will come to the conclusion that it is worth trusting you and becoming a member of the program, because you can indeed get interesting rewards this way.

Ways to boast are many. These can be written messages directly to the company, sent photos or reviews. Social proof, or social proof, is a psychological effect that can be very effective in this case. People hesitating to participate in your loyalty program will recognize that taking part in it is a good decision, since so many participants have already managed to claim the rewards they are entitled to.

How to advertise a loyalty program – time-limited promotions

SSpecial campaigns are another effective motivation for the undecided. From time to time, organize promotions that are attractive from your customers’ perspective. This can be, for example, an increased number of points on certain days. Determining the duration of such occasions is key – recipients will realize that they should not waste their precious time, as such an interesting action may not happen again.

This is a very good solution if your loyalty program has been running for a long time. It will increase interest in your activities and motivate those who have been with you for a long time to become more active.

Remember the power of social media

Social media has been mentioned before – and for good reason. It’s a powerful marketing tool that you can successfully use both to advertise your business and your loyalty program itself. Social media will come in handy not only for announcing the launch of such an initiative, but also for regular reminders. Let it be the primary channel of communication with your customers, through which you will provide them with the most important information.

Of course, this does not mean that the published posts should focus exclusively on the loyalty program. This is better avoided, as recipients will quickly become annoyed, claiming that they are watching you for more than just that. Nevertheless, a subtle reminder appearing from time to time will certainly have the desired effect. Inform about the new additions to the program in the rewards section and current promotions, and you can also publish reviews from satisfied participants. This will not only encourage new people to participate, but will also make it easier to build a lasting relationship with existing customers, which can be the beginning of successful social selling.