What is a voucher?


Literally translated from English, voucher means talon, voucher, coupon. It is a document that allows the holder to use it for specific products or services.

There are two types of vouchers:

  • quota vouchers,

  • service vouchers.

They are money exchangers referring to various kinds of products or attractions. They are treated as an advance before performing a chosen service or receiving goods.

Voucher as a useful promotional tool

Vouchers are still gaining popularity. Thanks to them it is possible to gain new clients and build long-lasting relations and a loyal community associated with a brand. Moreover, they are an effective way to increase sales.

Nowadays voucher is one of the most effective promotional tools. It has become an important part of the marketing strategy of companies that want to succeed in the industry and get ahead of the competition. Through vouchers, you can reach new target groups and expand your customer network.

Gift voucher

One of the most popular types of vouchers is the gift voucher. It is used in many industries and in different ways.

With it, you can shop for a certain amount or take advantage of a specific service or attraction. Voucher allows to create positive brand associations and emotional bond. It’s a good basis to gain customer loyalty.

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